River Side – Part 13 Hell Fire (audiobook)

COMIXPO is about to start and there are wild and weird group of fanatical cosplayers attending. Excitement and colour laced with assassins and treachery, make this an event not to be missed. Part 13 of Hell Fire an audiobook for adults/young adults. A new part will be added each week. https://soundcloud.com/david-cameron-752592192/river-side-hell-fire-part-13 Below are all previous [...]

‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – Final Year at Harehills C.P. School. Cricket, Silver Blades Skating and the build up to leaving primary school.

After my mother got over the delight of my going to Roundhay School, there was a hiatus where life returned to normality and Mr Kelly, at Harehills County Primary, continued in his usual form. When he became frustrated out came his, 'Angels and Ministers of Grace Defend Us!', call to divine intervention to help the [...]

‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – The assassination of Robert Kennedy, Consulate cigarettes and Scout Camps.

The title to this week's tale may appear a little confusing, but all will be revealed if you read on. I must have been part of St. Stephen's Scouts for longer than I remembered, and it was probably two or three years from 1966 until June 1968. I enjoyed my time at the Scouts and [...]

‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – Religion in the life of a boy in the 1950s and 1960s. – Oakwood (Ladywood) Methodist Church and St. Wilfrid’s Harehills.

I must start this by declaring that I haven't any religious beliefs anymore and haven't had throughout my adult life, so it may seem a little strange that I am writing about religion, but times and I, have changed. The church was still held in high regard in the 1950s and 60s and there was [...]