River Side – Part 13 Hell Fire (audiobook)

COMIXPO is about to start and there are wild and weird group of fanatical cosplayers attending. Excitement and colour laced with assassins and treachery, make this an event not to be missed. Part 13 of Hell Fire an audiobook for adults/young adults. A new part will be added each week. https://soundcloud.com/david-cameron-752592192/river-side-hell-fire-part-13 Below are all previous [...]

The Moonchild Part 1 of the Moondial Series will be available as an EBook for free from Friday 1st February to Sunday 3rd February 2019.

  To get your free copy of the EBook follow the link by clicking on the buy on Amazon link below. The book will have zero cost when you go to the check out. Please note it will only be available free on the dates shown. Friday 1st February to Sunday 3rd February 2019.   [...]

‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – Learning to Work. Leeds 1960s. Weeding, newspapers and the dreaded weed!

This morning I was trying to remember when the UK introduced the decimal currency and that got me thinking about my first jobs as a child. The currency changed on 15th February 1971. My first job that I was paid for was when I was about twelve. There was a card in the local newsagent's [...]

‘Cup of Tea Tales’ – Family Tension, Christmas Parties and Summer holidays. The everyday trials of life in suburban Leeds 1950s-60s!

I was speaking with my younger brother yesterday and we were comparing notes from our childhood memories. He confirms that the Anglia was the first car after the Ford Prefect and he even remembered the number plate, AUG277C. How's that for memory? I was impressed, particularly as he could not have been very old when [...]